Liz Wade

Executive Director & CEO

Liz Mehaffey Wade was born outside Daegu, South Korea and adopted when she was 3 months old to northern New Jersey. She has done extensive research on foster care, domestic, and international adoption, and has presented and published her findings at various conferences. She graduated from Union College with Political Science and Philosophy degrees, and earned her Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in adoption and child welfare. Liz has won various awards for her adoption work, including the Dr. Ruth Smalley Award for her work in international adoption, and Emerging Leaders in Adoption. Liz visited Seoul in 2011, where she studied the transracial identity of adoptees returning to their birth country. Liz created an adoption consultation business, where she lends her experience to families interested in adoption and foster care. Liz has returned to South Korea three times, most recently to connect with her birth family. She hopes to return soon. Contact:

Brian Anderson

Social Coordinator & Designer

Brian Anderson was adopted at the age of 6 months from through Holt by his family in Southern New Jersey. He graduated with a BFA with a specialization in Graphic Design from Rowan University. Brian’s first trip back to South Korea was his experience studying abroad at Korea University in the fall of 2011. He’s subsequent years via the InKAS summer camp trip. Brian currently lives in South Philadelphia and works as a web developer.